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RIVER RESCUE – TRAINING.com courses are designed to teach how to survive swiftwater river swims and how you might not have to take that swiftwater swim in the first place. We teach preplanning –if you or a member of your team falls into the water during a night operation – the way you respond demonstrates the preplanning you were taught. Will your operation be one gone bad or one demonstrating professionalism. River Rescue–Training.com's river rescue course is the ideal training for fire department river rescue teams, private boaters, government agencies, professional river guides or other individuals who may find themselves involved in moving water rescues.

The skills taught in this class satisfy NFPA's basic requirements and will classify you as a basic rescue technician. Our swiftwater search and rescue (SAR) course will teach you river rescue skills that preserve your life first, your team members lives secondly and promote the rescue of a victim's life lastly. We train and develop your skills through putting you in the water to show you how to swim to reduce your chance of getting hurt, how to make the river work for you. We put you on the river bank assessing the scene and giving you tools to choose from when the time comes, some requiring ropes, teaching solid hands on river rescuer skills that successful river rescuers have been using for years to save lives.

This River Rescue – Training class covers equipment, scene size-up, why water behaves the way it does and how to make it work for you, management of rescuers and public, how to swim in swiftwater rapids with and without a victim, how to assist team members and how to setup basic rope mechanical advantage systems and more. The three days of this class will certify and equip you with current river rescue knowledge and new found hands on skills to save lives.

NFPA Standards


The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has set requirements or standards (Standard 1670) for becoming a Swiftwater Rescue Technician that meet the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) criteria for being a member of a FEMA emergency response team. If you wish to be a FEMA certified Swiftwater Rescue Technician under the NFPA's standards then in addition to the class we are offering here, you must take two additional courses within a three year period which are Technical Rope Low to High Angle Rescue training (Generally a 5 day class) and Advanced River Rescue Technician training (2 day class). Following these additional
two classes there is a Professional Qualification Workshop (2 days) you must pass where all of your river rescue skills will be performed and evaluated. If you demonstrate your competency you can become a fully certified Standard 1670 Swiftwater Rescue Technician according to the National Fire Protection Association. The National Fire Protection
Association was established by insurance companies to set standards for training and equipment of fire and other rescue organizations within the United States. To train to or use equipment that meets NFPA Standards makes it much more difficult for an agency to be ill prepared for an operation or be sued in a court of law.



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